About Us

I’m Marquis Hill, the CEO of Genius Pilot Academy. My brand isn’t just a brand, it’s a movement. A movement to keep our youth’s heads high and to spread the message that we all have genius ability within us. I’m a 14 year old influencer and each day I post inspirational videos to remind kids that we are all special and we all have our own genius abilities. My apparel is more than just any other brand, it’s bigger than the money and the fame. My apparel is meant to make people feel confident, strong, and courageous when they wear it. When kids wear my clothing I want them to feel as if they can do anything they put their mind to. My signature “U Have Genius Ability Within U” design is meant to remind kids that they are special and that they can make it. My “Genius On The Run” design symbolizes a young kid chasing knowledge and is meant to remind kids to continue to learn and grow and they will prosper. The Genius Way.