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Biko Base #23

Biko Base #23

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After your purchase we will set up a phone call with you to discuss further details and directions. 

Your Biko NFT will take up to 7 days to arrive in your wallet.

A Customized Premium 1/1 Hoodie featuring your unique Biko. Embroidered and made in Pakistan.* (You will receive your hoodie within 30 days.)

An exclusive physical/NFT collaboration gift delivered to your wallet or door every three months*

Discount with announced soon)

Access to exclusive discord channel with project updates, special gifts, gated channels, etc

As the blockchain and project develops, holders will be given more and more opportunities to participate and benefit from Biko’s growth.

Biko is the mascot of Genius Pilot Academy, Marquis’ developing cartoon series. He is an intelligent, kind, loyal, and valuable piece to the school. Biko has been there from the start when Genius Pilot Academy was founded by Donald Walker in 2018. He is out of this world and no one truly knows where is origin began, but everyone knows, without Biko, Genius Pilot Academy couldn’t be as great as it is. He is the right hand man of Professor C and on every mission Team Genius embarks on, Biko is a key factor to their success. Biko is the representation of uniqueness, creativity, and being out of this world.

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